Open lid error after black lid cable replaced

Open lid cable error is popping up. I have a GF Plus-this is my fourth machine. I have only had these lasers for a little over a year. Past issues were the same as what’s happening now. I am outside of the warranty now. I need some help. Thankfully I had a spare black lip cable. After replacement, “open lid” error was still on. All censors are in correctly, cleaning, lights on, fans running. Any advice? I even tried. I clears any debris from the front lid making sure nothing was obstructing the lid from shutting. I even tried using magnets. Nothing is helping

Methinks it is time to contact support. You have done all the proper dance moves. You did not mention it but I assume you were wearing a racoon skin cap while singing/humming Fess Parker’s “The ballad of Davey Crokett” as prescribed in the dark annals of Glowforge self-repair. If not, repeat all your steps while thusly equipped.


If the magnet sensors are not working adding magnets to sense won’t help. There are two sensors that are at both sides of the black cable and both have to transmit a positive result to proceed. The magnets in the door do their part but the wired connections have to transmit it for the machine to operate.

Since both sides have to send the info, if you get a “lid open” report then either of the sides or both of them are not sending a positive response, so both have to be checked and if one side is working you will still get a “lid open” error.

I have had to replace a black cable and was frankly amazed when it finally actually worked. It is very delicate and the snap-in parts can look good and still not connect. Plus the adhesive is very strong and instant with a high likelihood of breaking the conductors if you try and remove it. If any of those conductor threads are broken in installation even if the black cable is new will not make it work.

The best assumption is that one (or more) of the three clips is not set and try to set it better. If nothing works it may be that the new black cable was broken on installation. And replace it again verry carefully.


thank you for that response. I’ve very comfortable and familiar with disassembling the GF, cleaning it, and replacing parts thankfully. That’s good information to know about the black lid cable. I have checked and rechecked my process of aligning the cable censors and nothing is working. Making sure I’m delicate and going in completely straight. When pulling off the adhesive from the old cable it did take force but I was very careful not to hurt the conductor. Strange thing is, the “lid open” error stopped after my husband played around with every possible issue, now the camera won’t take a picture, so I just ordered a white lid cable. Thank you so much for the response


That is a different conductor on the left end of the black cable. So that means one side is working and either the main or left side is not. The picture is taken by the lid camera.

You have proved that it is not the black cable itself, which is a good thing.


Lid sensors are dependent on the black lid cable. If you replaced it, something is not connected correctly.

ok thank you. I have connected them and reconnected them several times making sure there’s no damage to them as well. The “lid open” error is now gone but the camera will not take a picture

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My replacement cable is held in place with blue painter’s tape for this very reason!


that what I believe I need to do. I think there are in correctly but I’m afraid if I keep removing them, then putting them back in, I may damage it. I just wanna cry-I have a white lid cable replacement coming so we will see what’s happening

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