Open lid error on unit with less than 20-30 hours

Last week I was in the middle of a project and all of a sudden I got an open lid error. I looked through all of the forum chats, support information and reached out to all of the Glowforge Facebook groups I am a part of. While working with support I sent images of all five of the connector clips for the lid as well as the front cover and everything seemed to be in working order. Part of the instructions said that if this doesn’t work that it might be an issue with the black lid cable.

I immediately ordered one even before I was confirmed to do so. I installed it today and I still have the lid open error. The lights are on and support said everything looked to be seated through the pictures I sent.

Then all of a sudden it was determined it was an issue with my laser tube, even though I was not asked a single question about the laser tube, and I needed a new unit. My machine has less than 20-30 hours on it because it was suppose to be part of a mobile STEM trailer for our area schools but because of covid we haven’t been able to send our trailer yet. I was simply trying to learn how to operate it so I could help students at the schools.

They said they would send me a refurbished unit for the price it would take to fix the laser tube, $295, $200 in shipping and tax on both the machine and shipping. I’ve never seen tax applied to the cost of shipping. I am also very worried about exchanging my basically new machine with less than 20-30 hours for a refurbished unit where I am not sure what was the original issue.

Does anyone else have ideas to troubleshoot the open lid error? I’m not sure why a laser tube they have asked nothing about or asked for any pictures of would result in an open lid error so is it appropriate to charge me the cost of a laser tube for a refurbished unit? We are a nonprofit and $500+ to replace a machine that has hardly been used is not in our budget. :frowning: PLEASE HELP!

It is also very frustrating when looking through the forums and someone from Glowforge said that they will email the poster and then closes the thread. I am happy to look through posts to see if someone else had a similar issue and try to fix it based on others experiences and conversations but very few posts actually include that. It is very frustrating and disappointing. It doesn’t make the forum area very useful other than to know you aren’t the only one with the problem.

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If you read those threads thoroughly you will see that they do that whenever someone both emails and posts in P&S - which is exactly what you’ve done. I will move your post to Everything Else so it doesn’t get closed.


Likely they found something in the logs that indicated an issue with the laser tube. The refurbished units are a way to get something faster, rather than having your machine repaired - as of a month or two ago they stated they were switching repair facilities so everything was going to be much slower until that was settled.

If it’s the laser tube then likely getting your exact machine repaired will be more expensive, since the default cost for that has always been $500 - and that presumes that’s the only thing wrong. It’s unfortunate that the machine didn’t get tested when you first received it and it was under warranty :frowning:

I have a replacement machine and it has worked perfectly for years now, if that helps any!


My first machine had what sounds like the exact same issue, but I discovered it inside the warranty window. I have not had any issues with the one they sent me after that.

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