Open Lid Error

Hi I have the open lid error since last wed (9/25/19). I contact support through and email and was asked to check my machine, which I did and responded back. I received on additional email saying it was probably a black cable issue and they would mail me one. I emailed my address and have heard nothing since that was 9/27. I have sent several emails trying to find out when the cable will be sent. I use the machine for business and have been down way to long. Is there anyway to get a status?

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They did that :slightly_smiling_face: the next update on your status will come from Fed-Ex.

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The part was mailed? When? I still do not have confirmation from glowforge orders-ex.

Generally shipping takes 5 to 10 business days, depending on where you’re located in relation to the source. (In your case it has only been 1 full business day since 9/27.)

If you haven’t signed up for UPS and Fed Ex notifications, as a business owner, you definitely should. You can track the location of the package as it travels. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been dealing with the same issue, needing a new black cable. They have not gotten back to me about the invoice to order the new cable. When I spoke on chat they said they don’t deal with invoices and the person who does is not available at the moment. It’s frustrating because this has been going on since last week and I’ve sent multiple emails and no luck putting this order through for a new cable. I have an event I’m working on Sunday and still behind on projects and even with expedited shipping I will not have a new cable in time. So hopefully I can just pick up some orders at this event since I won’t have nearly as much items to sell as I would have hoped.

You don’t order the new cable, they will just send one to you if you need it.

Did they determine that you needed a new cable?

When I spoke to them last week about this, they determined that I needed a new one after attempting to trouble shoot the issue. They said they would send the invoice once I confirmed my shipping address as my warranty was up. However shortly after posting this I got on chat with David F who helped me out and helped have an invoice emailed to me. So I was able to put the order through.

If they have your address information that is all they need to ship it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, for anyone concerned about it… if you want to track it more closely you need to sign up for UPS MyChoice and the FedEx notification service. Neither one costs anything to join.)

You need to pay the invoice first though if you’re no longer under warranty.

Oh, didn’t know that. Okay, if that’s paid it should be on it’s way.

So glowforge will not send me confirmation of mailing with a tracking #? I can only get it if I sign up for fedex tracking? Glowforge email said they would notify me.

Hopefully it was shipped.

I’m not sure. They are continually refining their processes. They didn’t used to, but I did get a notice for the last thing I ordered, so you might get something from them.

(If not, it’s not something to fret over, they frequently mail the part immediately and get around to the notices later.)

If you haven’t gotten the part after 5 business days, I’d contact them again to see if it got lost in transit, or the email wound up in your spam folder.

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My most recent PG materials order at the end of August this year is the first and only time I’ve received any kind of shipping notification (including the initial order of my machine or materials…)

I just ran into this today! They said I needed a new cable but I also have to pay for one, maybe I will just get on support again and bug them until I get an invoice! I have an event on Saturday and now I am down. Plus the holiday season is upon us! Did you get an invoice?

Today they finally got back today to me with an invoice. Mine is still under warranty so I did have a balance due. Now I have to see when they ship it.

Thank you , They just sent me an email, it’s being shipped now.

Very good! :slightly_smiling_face:

I apologize for our delayed response and I truly appreciate your continued patience throughout this process. Your order has been placed and you will receive another email as soon as your replacement part ships. I am going to close this thread now. If you have any other questions please feel free to start a new thread or email us at