Open Shop to Public Before Christmas?

My family always asks for a list of Christmas gift ideas. I’d love to just be able to say “anything from the Glowforge Proofgrade store” this year, but they can’t get to it as non-owners. Any way we can open it up to the public before Christmas? Probably would be a boon for sales, I’d imagine…


i would think even just setting up a way for people w/o access to the store to buy gift cards from GF for the store would be a big boon to sales.


Oh man, it would really simplify gift requests from my end! :smile:


oh definitely! I’m starting to get to the end of my :proofgrade: supply and really need to restock, but for budget reasons I really need to wait until the new year :frowning: . At least I’m done making Christmas gifts…I think.


Not an ideal solution, but maybe point them toward Inventables instead? Just have to include a short list of acceptable items, i.e., “anything acrylic or wood”.

I’m still working on them…takes time to glue and sand and stitch and everything assembly…

Beats hanging around malls though. No complaints.

Soon, the baking will begin.

Not with my extremely non-technical clan. I’d wind up with a pallet full of pressure treated lumber and PVC. :smile:

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i think that you’d be better off using something like the amazon wish list. you can use the amazon list to point at things on other sites (works really well with the amazon wishlist plugin in chrome). That way you can point them at specific materials with a direct link and even give special instructions about sizes and thicknesses.


Yeah, I’ve done that too.

Does adding them as a user on my machine give them access to the store?
Not ideal. But could be a workaround if that’s the case and we don’t have another more elegant option…

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i don’t have mine yet (two more days!), but my understanding is that all users have access to the store (not just owners). i’m sure someone will correct me if i’m wrong.

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“Why is my button flashing? Damn it, Uncle Ed!” :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions everyone! I’ll make sure the team gets them.