Opened a support ticket days ago - no communication yet?

I need a couple lid cables, and a print head ribbon cable.

Sadly it looks like the black lid cables are out of stock and others have mentioned they are waiting for theirs.

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If they’re available, you can order the lid (black ones) in the shop. The print head ribbon cable…are you meaning the big white one? not consumer replaceable and is not available in the shop.


For the black lid cable, I think I saw a post on here of someone buying a bunch of them for re-sale on the board so that might be the run on stock right now.

When one is 2 years plus out of warranty, everything is consumer replaceable.

That is true. I should have worded my reply differently. What I was meaning to say is that Glowforge sells the black cable replacements but not the white one.


I had a machine that was a few years out of warranty, a power issue feeding the Laser and got a referb for exchange that netted out about 1K. A far better deal than trying to fix it myself.

If you contacted Support you might be able to do the same if they cannot get it fixed quickly otherwise.


I apologize for our delayed response. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.