Opened Glowforge box and broken glass everywhere

I had a horrible experience with shipping. First of all they told me it was coming yesterday so I cancelled appointments so I could be home to sign. They only brought one box. I had to take vacation today to be home for signing today. Today they bring it and it and the glass is broken.

I am very frustrated with Fedex to the point where I don’t think shipping should be charged. How can I contact glowforge about this? I did a video of me opening the box because I had a feeling this would happen. I took pictures as well.

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Support will be along to get you sorted out, sadly it has happened before. You would think the box the machine comes in looks different enough from a basketball that they wouldn’t treat it like one but people surprise me every day.


You opened a support ticket by posting here, they will get you taken care of. What a buzzkill.

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I just got back from Walmart because I had to buy shipping tape to send this one back. I look at my front door and I see glass everywhere. Glass breadcrumbs going up the steps as well. I’ve included those pictures as well. Wife is freaking out since we have a 1 year old. Trying to find all the little pieces.

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not sure if anything would come from it or not but you might also want to call fedex and let them know as well

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I’ve had to call Fedex two times because of them sending me expected delivery dates and not showing up on those dates. They said someone would call me. Infact it delievered today even though they sent me a text saying it is coming tomorrow instead… I’ve included a picture of me at fedex today in a line with no one at the front counter helping anyone and a picture of them of the e-mail saying it is coming tomorrow.

I know this will be fixed, but I am most frustrated knowing that I have to deal with Fedex again and making me wait for them to deliver without a timeframe on it arriving. I work and have a 12 month old, I can’t sit at home waiting to sign for this. I used my last two vacation days to wait on this broken one.

It put me over the edge when I finally got to the front of this line and they said they can’t help me because this is a Fedex Express location. lol

Oh no! I’m so sorry for the way your delivery was mishandled. I’ve just sent you an email with the next steps to make this right, so I’m going to close this topic.

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