Opening a purchased design

I am a new user. I have been trying to make some keychains. I have made some already with the same design and opened the purchased design several times, now it won’t open. It just says “rendering Design” and then goes back to the page with all of the designs.

I’ve tried:
deleting cache from last 7 days.
resetting computer
logging in and out of Glowforge.
going back to original shop and reopening from there.
the three dots next to the design will only let me rename.
and just trying over and over hoping something has changed.

Any ideas to keep my project afloat?

Thanks for listening.

Contact Glowforge support regarding this error so you have a place in line for help.

Try opening the app in a different browser. Go to the catalog page and try resetting the design.

Which design is giving you this problem?


Thanks I will try a different browser.

It’s hotel key chains the set of 4.


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