Opinions and Advice are appreciated! I have missed my GF!

I had been using it so much that I ended up buying 2 two liter bottles just before lockdown so was heavily supplied before things went crazy. Unfortunately where name brands Purell, Spectrum, etc, worked fine with acrylic this other stuff would shatter the acrylic so having the correct stuff is now hard, but the other works on wood just fine.

Both BTW will dissolve MDF back to its original sawdust.


WOW! Really? THAT is definitely good to know!!

Here’s one for Laser Printers.


ok, i can’t stop hearing “the ladies man” while he’s talking.

now i want a nice glass of Courvoisier.


Oh my word. I was afraid my husband was going to hear this video, this man talking and storm into my room thinking the soul man had broken in.




“Well that sounds nice…>click<
Next caller.”


GUYS!!! I GOT IT!!! I got it figured out!!! I literally have been in front of this computer for for 14 hours!!! I moved the flowers a little farther away from each other, got rid of some, so that the important pieces were right at each others edges, then I made shapes and laid them on top of the pieces that needed to be shaped to the next flowers shape and laid my shape on the edges and erased the back or front with pathfinder and … OH MY GOODNESS FINALLY!!! And I think it is gonna look sooooo good! I will post pictures when done!! THANKYOU GUYS!!


Hi Mandy, glad you’re back to the Glowforge. Was just thinking about you yesterday.

Can’t wait to see your finished project.


@ptodd oh I have missed y’all so much! I am getting back into my groove! Back to the spunky little Mandy. Somewhat. :joy::joy: and I a an not wait to have my machine back everyday!! I miss it!!

I can not wait to get this logo sign done either and show y’all!! So excited!!! Hey @ptodd Thankyou!!!

I was looking for you the other night but literally fell asleep face down on my keyboard before I made it that far! The hubs said “what the hell is wrong with you?” And I said “I told you I missed my machine and I wasn’t gonna leave until I was forced”

Saying I missed it is an understatement!