Opinions sought

These are the projects that got me accepted as a GF designer, but they aren’t in the catalog because I don’t think anyone else would ever be crazy enough to make them. They utilized ALL the different PG plywoods and hardwoods and lots of engraving, and I just don’t think it’s even worth the effort of writing them up because people will just say they are too complex. Any votes?


It looks pretty awesome. Not sure how many will make it but it looks amazing


They look great, but I know I would never make them, just not my thing. I think it’s very clever how you used all the pg woods.


They really are beautiful.

First thing though…I don’t even know what they are (sorry…I really would like to know).

Secondly, personally…I would never make them.


i just made them because I love ancient history and I wanted some wall art.


Well, they certainly fit the bill in that regard. I love ancient history, too. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a very complex fantasy airship in the catalog - your designs are super fun, If you have the time and are willing to share them with the world why not?
(Especially given GF’s focus on the educational market - average users may not make these but I can see lots of teachers would love them)


Not something I would make either. They look like they have personal meaning to you, but probably not to anyone else. Nice job using many different woods and techniques though.


I think these are cool. Although, being 65, I pretty much only make organizational or practical cuts.

Editing … organizational only because we don’t want anymore “stuff” unless it serves a purpose. Trying to offload “stuff”.


I 100% would make them if my kids were studying ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt! If the :glowforge: had existed when I was studying them, I would have loved something like this!

I will note, you did make them in all the different materials - but they’d still look cool in all the same material (or a different back and front, and a third for pieces). I’d put them into the catalog all made with one or two materials, and then include these pictures and note in the instructions that individual pieces can be done in different materials (or painted) to make them pop.


As a (previous) homeschooling mom/teacher, I love them! Especially for families that follow classical education.


These are fantastic. I wouldn’t make them for myself but might if my grandkids are studying…


I think these are awesome.

I totally understand what you are saying about not being worth the effort of writing them up. I have a design I spent tons of time on and it’s use is sporadic and unpredictable. I think you should do it - you already went through the trouble of creating the design itself, and it WOULD be great for educational use. But if you do, just go into it knowing that it may be unpredictable with its popularity.


They look great. Are they puzzles, or are some of them puzzles, or simply very nice decoration? I like making puzzles for children. This gives me inspiration to add new ideas to my puzzles.
I looked for your designs in the catalog and only found one under the name K. M. Blair. Are there more and will you be adding more?


They look really nice …

A lot of people are asking what they are. I think they would be really nice designs for some kind of board game, though it would take some imagination to figure out how the game would work.

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I would make them for my school. But I am careful about projects that take many sheets of wood.



there is potential learning value there. Would be great if you had children. Well worth doing. Admire the workmanship you displayed in creating it


Very nice. I definitely would have made them as a gift for my daughter. She’s a Roman and Greek history major. For summer fun she started studying Egyptian history on the side.