Optical Alignment - possible for multiples?



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I don’t think you can count on creating little images that fit precisely taking into account the variability in almonds. I believe you have to design for an approximation of the average and design your image to fit on that. Some almonds it will be smaller than you could fit for a specific almond and some a bit too large but overall it should be okay.


Writing a response as I read the thread, looks like most of this has been sorted out for those questioning things still:

Drag on as many images as you want. That will be one session. One session is one time hitting the start button on the machine, and you can have as much stuff in there as your heart desires in each session.

You cannot have an image superimposed while you adjust. The camera only sees the bed with the lid closed, and you cannot move things with the lid closed. The camera also only gives us a single still image, taken when you close the lid. So you could nudge things, close the lid, check the alignment, open the lid, nudge things, close the lid, check the…

Or you could just put things where they fall, and then nudge the images in the software to align on the image from that one lid closing.

Multiple individual images is absolutely the ideal approach to a batch job. It will engrave faster, and take less time to set up.

Second best is a jig. You cut the engraving (or at least outlines) once on scrap material as a substrate (paper is ideal here), then you place your items to be engraved in the appropriate locations on that scrap, and print with no need to adjust. This gets you a LOT of lost time with travel of the laser head. But it saves you PERSONALLY time with needing to nudge things digitally. So if your personal time is at a premium, go this way. If laser operation time is at a premium, go the other way. (though total time the laser is occupied for your job from prep to finish is likely no different between the two methods).

Both ways have you doing eyeballing on alignment, but I trust the digital nudges to be more accurate than the physical nudges based on a jig. Unless the jig is built to be very tight fitting. But that requires more attention in the jig making stage.

The irregular size of almonds mentioned by @jamesdhatch is another place where digital adjustment is nice, since you can relocate AND resize each individual image as you place it on an individual almond.


(@dan was nudging vectors in the concept video.)

Still not quite sure about placement of multiple raster images for engraving, because the GF software might not be set up to recognize rasters other than something that needs to be auto-traced to vectorize it. Not sure if we can duplicate the results of the trace in the GF software. Dan was moving around vectors that had been created in another program in the one up top. And most rasters have a background you can’t see through for placement. (PNG being the exception.)

But if you vectorize first…looks like it’s good to go. That’s going to be a lot easier to work with than creating a jig, even given slightly irregular shapes. (Assuming we can rotate the vectors. We know we can resize them after creation from @dan 's other vids. ). :relaxed:


I think everyone’s just about hit the answer to your question, but let me add a little flavor and certainty.

  1. You can create a single pattern with an “almond jig” in one color and “almond engraves” in a different color. Disable the engraves and run the jig. Put the almonds in the jig. Then disable the jig and run the engraves.

  2. You can print whatever you want 15 times over and space them semi-randomly. Put the almonds wherever. Then drag each engraving on top of its own almond, and rotate or resize to fit. (Yes, you can rotate or resize individual items). I think we were squashing some bugs here but it mostly works.

  3. You heard it here first… copy/paste works, unlike the original Apple iPhone. :slight_smile: So just print one, paste it a bunch of times, and proceed as per #2.

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