Optimized engrave operations

Ok I thought a huge part of why this needed to be online only was that it was going to do alot of the fancy math on the back end so that everything is done in the most efficient/best way.

But I just put a print in that will take 2.5 hours to engrave. That’s fine, engraves can take quite a while and there is alot to engrave on this design.

But then i saw the how its going about the engrave and I realized it could have reduced the time by nearly an hour.

I have a grid of squares with a border that goes all the way around them.
Its doing the boarder all at once. Then the squares as a separate pass.
That means the head is traversing the entire piece to zap a 3 mil segment on either side and doing NOTHING of the space in between that ALSO needs to be engraved.

Anyone know of a way to design around this? Or if there is any chance that GF is looking at this.

Its a proof grade piece so the engrave settings are all automatic. I designed it in inkscape.

If your design is all engraves - if it’s all the same colour (so it comes up as one command on the side) it’ll do what you’re expecting

If it comes up as a separate commands on the side it’ll do what you’re describing - so reopen in your design program and group the two sections (making sure they’re the same colour)

Also rotating your image so the longest engraves are on the left-right axis will increase speed

That’s the advice I can give without seeing your pic :slight_smile:


If you’re engraving vectors, just making it all one compound path, should do the trick.

If you are engraving rasters, rasterize all of the components into one graphic.

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And if you can lay out your design so the bulk of the engraving is in the horizontal direction, that will take less time than if it’s mostly vertical.

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