Orange button.. don’t know why

During a 30 minute print, my glowforge stopped half way through and the button turned orange…

I took the printer head off and cleaned all the lenses (which seemed pretty clean) and then hit print again. Then it worked.

Shorty after that print the button turned orange again and the machine wouldn’t work. I replaced the printer head ribbon cable and it is still giving me an orange light and not working… I’m beyond frustrated… need help.


Immediately send support an E-mail.

What temp is it operating under? Could it be over heating?

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This was my first guess, too.

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It’s operating in about 68 degree weather. Not bad… I’ll have to send support an email

The internal temp is what you need to be concerned with not outside air temp.

Inside my machine is warmer than up on the panel on the right where the humidistat/thermometer generally live, and the temp increases during a cut…

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