Orange button(maybe someone will have some input)

Saturday night after doing a test photo in small scale and cleaning the window, my GF is popping an orange button.

When I turn the machine on, it starts to get through all its start up noise, the head moves below the camera and about 15 secs later I hear a slight tick(like it makes when you first start the machine), like the head is about it move again and the orange light pops. The UI is stuck on centering and the head doesn’t move again.

Support replied yesterday saying that the GF is having trouble communicating with the print head.
I supplied them all the pictures of the pins in the ribbon that connects to the GF, the circuit board and then a second set of pictures that dealt with the left side of the machine. the little chip at the front left, the left side of the door, left side of the laser arm and the left side of the case.

It’s a long shot, but anyone have any ideas? Why all the pictures from the left side of the machine? Especially the left side of the case? There’s nothing there(as far as I know?)
Anything else I can try?

The one thing I don’t like about GF is I am dependent on them for everything. I also have a Boss Laser(Wouldnt recommend that brand) but at least on that one I can replace parts and attempt to diagnose the issues myself before I have to turn to tech support.

I supplied the pictures to the forum post 5 mins after they were requested and never heard anything in response, all day. I tried to call them and kept getting kicked to the voicemail that doesn’t exist because it disconnects you before you can leave a message.

If the photos do not show something obvious I would start putting all your shipping stuff together to send the machine back to the Mothership as that will be the likely answer.

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You can try checking the white printer cable connection on the printer head. I’ve had that come loose a couple of times over the years.

Another is the quality of your WIFI, although this might not be your issue. I recently had where my GF would have spotty WIFI, causing it to be stuck at centering, or the dashboard not even register that the GF was on. There was no change in my house of WIFI use, and I didn’t move my GF. Turns out that the channel it was on was quite populated with several WIFI capable items, including my neighbor’s things! Changed my router 2.4 ghz channel and everything went back to working.


When you cleaned it, did you use any sort of spray?

I used glass cleaner, but not directly on the glass. I sprayed a microfiber cloth, across the room, because I’m that paranoid about liquid and electronics.

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Thats exactly the email I just got.

They want to send me a refurbished unit as a replacement


I had to do that. Way better to develop an attachment to a new machine, than wait (days/weeks/months…) for your original machine back. Major pain in the butt, but it’s the least painful path amongst a metric ton of painful paths.


After thinking about the reality, I agree. I’m just waiting for the invoice.



Sometime those get bent.

Making sure pins are connected is good to verify first.

The left side is the more complex side. I took apart about 85% of the left side in one and its a lot more then the right side.

another spot with connections to verify.

Making sure the magnet is there? If the magnet is not there then the machine would not think its closed.

Left side is where all the good stuff it :slight_smile:

Up to you but you could post the picture here.

One suggestion for a next step: Try taking off the print head and starting up the machine. Do you get the same exact response as you were first describing? If so, then it helps to narrow things down then knowing that the machine is not recognizing that a print head it on it.


A reply worthy of being bookmarked.


I guess what I meant by this is, one of the photos they requested was of the sidewall, above all the chips and ribbons.
This is the photo angle they requested