Orange Button Sadness

Started having trouble a couple of days ago when I noticed the air assist was not turning off after a job. Pins look good too.

the good news matt is if your unit is out of warranty - they now sell replacement parts


Luckily it’s still under warranty. But if I have to ship it back I’ll immediately start looking for a replacement.

another glowforge??

Need a reference code :stuck_out_tongue:

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I cannot seem to find a $500 coupon. Is there an affiliate link or something? :slight_smile:

LOL, I was kinda joking, but I will send you a link :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, next purchase will not be a GF. This thing is to new for it to be acting up. Makes me nervous with orders on the line.

I hear ya, I actually starting amassing parts, so if something breaks, I have the part in house.


Yeah I learned that with lenses and the black camera chord thingy. I’m thinking it’s the white ribbon that plugs into the head.

they sell that part on etsy

Bookmarked, thank you!!!

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For what I paid for this thing I would expect quicker responses to my emails, tickets, or threads.

Thats why you have us!


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At what point in the startup sequence do you get the orange button? Do you get your print head clicking? And do you have a photo with this view of your print head:

The photo of the print head I have above is showing a broken print head. It started with the assist staying on at all time and then eventually turned to orange button issues. The damage of this print head was the trace to the left of the fan in the photo. You can see it is lifted up just a little.

Here’s the pic. Thanks!

MY GOD, this dirty stuff is making my OCD twitch, clean your lenses DUDE~~~

Take care of your own OCD issues. But, which lenses?

Doesn’t get to clicking stage.