Orange Light and Focusing

Frequently during prints I am getting the orange light after about 20 minutes of engraving on what should be an 1.5 print. Additionally, on the occasion that I do not get the orange light, I have to turn the GF on and off after every project I run or the GF will stay stuck on focusing.

I have triple checked and cleaned my air assist fan, all mirrors, and I have a strong WiFi signal. There are no scratches on any of my lenses and the connection to the printer head and air assist is solid.

Carefully check the cables that attach the head to the rest of the laser - with it off you can disconnect it and make sure none of the pins are bent or loose. Normally an orange light is a temperature warning, but that combined with the focusing issue leans towards a loose connection.

If you find anything questionable, take pics and post them here. A staff member will be able to view the logs from the back end and verify whether it’s temperature, or WiFi, or something else and guide you more if that doesn’t help.

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We have checked the connection and the gold pins more than once. The issue persists even though the cable connection is strong and the gold pins look perfect.

I’ll try for a third time here in a few minutes.

Also if you are using magnets to hold your work in place it can mess up the head fan and cause that yellow light. I was not aware about that and messed up a lot of work, before they added the sensor to know if the fan was working and it also shows that yellow light.

We have never used magnets, thank you!