Orange light and ow wont calibrate HELP!

Hi everyone PLEASE HELP !! I have oads of work to do but my machine wont work. It worked fine on friday until the orange light appeared. I switched it off and did all the normal stuff…ie took apart and cleaned everything thoroughly. When I switched on the machine calibrated but light still orange. So, I left just in case the weather was playing a part…even tho I checked temperature and was fine. Since then it wont calibrate, it just boots up and orange light comes on. Its not wifi as its tested and also there is a booster right next to it. What else can I do? Tech support sugested i clean the lid camera, which obviously i had done already but did again.

That’s almost always a hardware failure. The machine will probably need to be replaced.


Yeah unfortunately like @eflyguy said orange lights can mean a few problems. GF support can be frustratingly slow but they are probably your best bet.

As for short term solutions to any jobs you need done ASAP, you might ask around on the forum and/or Facebook. Most likely there’s someone in your area that can help you do some jobs, either in person or remotely. We’re a pretty cooperative group and people will often help when they can — many of us have been in your exact situation.

Beyond that some Joanns fabric locations have glowforges on hand that you can rent. This has been very hit-or-miss though, the in store machines have sometimes not been setup properly or maintained. Still, might be worth calling around if you have a location nearby.

This sort of thing is always a huge inconvenience. Good luck!

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