Orange Light----how to restart at the same spot the printing stopped?

I am in the process of a engrave and cut job and the orange light came on. the first time it happened I turned off the GF reconnected the belt into printer head the and then started over.

I restarted the same job…new material…and it happened again. I did get further along in the print job than the first time.

My question is…when this happens…how can I restart at the exact spot where it stopped so I do not have to toss the material out as unfinished?

Thank you.

That is your problem, not how to restart.
Should never be coming off.


I checked it again and it is in tight. Is it possible to restart where I left off?

If you opened the top, then I think the job is canceled, so you probably can’t start where you left off. :frowning: Sorry!

Really? I think GF needs to think about how to address this issue as I am blowing through materials. The printer head is in the same position it was when it stopped.
I am letting the machine cool off…just in case.
Also…the room was only 70 degrees …so I can’t imagine that it was too hot.

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Okay, if you have a belt popping loose that’s one thing, but if you have a cooling pause situation, the machine will pause, the orange light will come on, and when the machine is cool enough, the print will resume from where you left off…as long as you do not turn off the machine, or open it. Opening the lid cancels the print.

If it’s a cooling alert, there should be a little message pop up next to the Print button on the app on the screen. Next time check that and see what it says. Any messages about the status should appear there when you get an orange light condition. :slightly_smiling_face:


An orange light does not necessarily mean cooling/temperature. It’s a general alert condition that can include cooling/temp.


Thank you Jules,
I do not have any pop up messages in the app next to the print button. I am going to let it sit without opening the lid and see if the orange light goes off.
I ask: because I am not getting a pop mgs would this mean the likely cause is the belt coming loose. I do not want to open the lid and lose another piece of material. Gads…
Would you recommend that I problem solve w/Dan and group from this POV?
Of course this is a deadline project for a wedding. I will post the finished project…it is really sweet…

One more note: the app says it is “calibrating”
Does this give you any clues?

Yeah, unfortunately “calibrating” is a general all-purpose message that generally means there is a problem with the WiFi communication, but it could be other things as well.

If the belt came loose though, that is definitely a problem, and might be the cause of the message. (I’m not sure you’re going to be able to save that print.)

You’ll probably need to hear from Support about the belt. It might help to have a couple of pictures of the problem area to help them come up with the correct steps for you to take next. I’m sorry. :confused:

thankyou you are such a guru.
It could be a wifi issue.

Don’t think he was talking about a belt, but the ribbon cable to the head. In addition it was unclear whether it came off or whether he was checking it because of the orange light. (I suspect the latter by the wording).


There could also be Wifi or other problems but a Belt coming loose would be a key issue and plenty enough to cause the problem. I would feel about to see if there was a loose screw that was causing a bad belt alignment. I might take a trip back to the factory but on the off chance it is something simple you need to make sure.

(he’s a she) :neutral_face:


That makes more sense. :slightly_smiling_face:


That ribbon cable not being plugged in properly drove me nuts until @jbmanning5 said he had also had that issue. I can easily see how it could be loose enough to work until it didn’t, and halfway through a cut would be just the kind of thing it would do.

I’m sorry you’ve run into trouble and that it’s cost you your prints.

It looks like you are back up and printing. That’s great!

However, I’d still like to clarify what happened. When you checked the wire ribbon, did you find it had come unsecured from the Printer Head on it’s own? The black tab on the end of the wire ribbon should attach it securely to the Printer Head, and it should not fall out over time.

Hi Jaz

Thank you for reaching out. Yes, it comes loose when I engrave. I struggled through and ended up having some of the production in two stages. I would be able to engrave 1/2 of the 12 x 20 and then the belt would come loose. So I did not lose too much material I reworked a cut template in AI and did the cutting over the engraved material that I left in the machine. It was a bit daunting…but, I am used to regrouping. I owned a 50,000 sQ. ft. Manufacturing plant that manufactured shopping bags, boxes and gift wrap so I am pretty familiar w/production staging.

To answer your question…yes, the belt comes loose when I engrave.

The balance of my project has been cut only so I am going to be able to finish on time.

I have commitments on the machine until after Sept 15 so I can’t give it up quite yet…but, do you think I should send it back to the factory for a replacement part? From my observation the little tab that clicks into the printer head is not secure at all.

Please advise.

I must rave about your machine however. It is making me look really good. HA.

My Best,

Thanks for your reply and your kind words despite the trouble!

Unfortunately, I believe your Glowforge has an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details, including your project timeline. I’m so sorry about the bad news.

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