Orange light instead of teal

I am super frustrated with my glowforge and its tech department. I have followed every single picture and text instruction, MULTIPLE TIMES, and my machine will not connect to my school network. This is ridiculous especially for the amount of money spent on this machine. This seems to be a common problem with little support.

Does anyone have a suggestion that is different from all the same suggestions glowforge offers? It’s impossible to use this machine for any art projects I have in mind.

Orange button, as far as trying to get it set up on wifi, would indicate that their is likely a communication issue with the head.

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Unless the interface shows “offline” you are connected. The orange light is a different problem.


That’s correct. I have cleaned the head multiple times. Still not working





I am experiencing both. I have dismantled everything possible per glowforges suggestions

I’m not 100% sure what kind of community support/assistance you’re looking for. You obviously have more information than your original post states. You’re asking us to play guessing games since we have zero idea what you’ve tried, what’s been suggested by Glowforge, etc.


Does your school have security cameras? If so try to disconnect cameras then attempt to connect wifi to glowfoge

Is your school network 2.4 ghz or 5ghz?
(5 won’t work)


I am not certain. It used to work just fine but worth finding out.

I have followed all of their steps for every single thing that could be wrong.

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