Orange Light near end of cut

After cutting a six minute project, the white light will stay white ( while cooling ) and near the end of cooling will turn orange for a second and then do its normal " at rest" no light. When my GF was delivered from repair it was on it’s side and GF support said it was coolant that leaked and gave me some steps and overall declared it was fine. I am worried that my machine is going to overheat, causing major problems and another repair because of that dreaded orange light! Not sure what to do at this point, we have had nothing but problems with this machine and support. Anyone else having these issues ? Extremely disappointed and frustrated with Glowforge! Machine is not even 6 months old and it was down for 5 weeks during that time getting a light cable repaired!

What is the temperature in the room the :glowforge: is in, and if you’re venting outside, what’s the temperature outside?

If it’s within the standard then you’ll want to follow these instructions and post your image here for staff when they get here:

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69 degrees inside 29 degrees outside…

69 is great no matter which machine you have, but it could be cold air getting into your machine causing that orange “something is amiss” button

If the machine is working fine other than that I probably wouldn’t worry too much, and wait to see what the staff say about your logs when they get here.

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Thank you. Yes I am just waiting for staff to see what the think also.

Is the machine throwing an error, pausing the job, etc.? Or is it the end of job brief “cooling” step that you’re seeing? If it’s working correctly and it’s just the color of the button that’s in question, I don’t think there’s anything to be concerned about.

The button is white and then flashes orange for a second before powering down. The orange is associated will all sorts of problems so after the nightmare of Glowforge Support and repair due to an orange light, I don’t want to do anything that could cause more harm… but thank you for your reply.

I don’t think any of us owners can tell you why it’s happening, but you will likely be asked to provide a date/time of a job where it happened so support can look at the logs.

Yes thank you and I agree! I am posting here so GF support can see my message quicker, hoping that’s the case anyway… also didn’t know if it has happened to anyone here just looking for any input.

Posting here is the same as emailing, except the “peanut gallery” can participate as well. Did you already send an email with time/date of a job with the issue?

I have this same behavior on my Basic. It happens after longer jobs where the laser is reaching the cool down temperature. Then as soon as it rests for a few minutes everything cools off and it works fine. I usually only get this during the summer. You may want to check that your venting system is clear and clean and the exhaust fan is clean and running properly. Make sure the right side of the machine is not obstructed so room air can get in easily.

Yes I have emailed them and anticipating their once a day responses, so I thought why not ask the peanut gallery.

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Thank you for those suggestions!!!

How long of a job typically will trigger that button for you?

FYI posting here in Problems and Support opens another support ticket, which makes more work for Support, if you’re already emailed them. :slight_smile: If you want to address the “peanut gallery” without support getting involved, you can post in Everything Else instead.

It depends on the power settings and the actual room temperature. I rarely run anything longer than 30-45 minutes and I was seeing it at the end of the longer ones during the summer.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.