Orange light (overheating) and stuck on focusing between prints

Hello. This is my first post on here. I have read through the forum trying to find an answer but I can’t seem to find someone with my exact problems.
First and foremost, I did open a ticket with GF but I haven’t heard back since Monday and I have orders to fill and I thought I would ask in here. Second, I did clean all fans, checked printer cable ribbon and other connections, and all seem fine.
OK… the problem(s)… Before the orange light started happening, about the last couple of weeks my machine would get stuck on focusing between prints and I would have to turn it off and back on again between runs. Now in the recent week an orange light comes on and quits mid-print within a minute or two. I currently run an in-line fan and the room temp is 68. What I notice is right before the orange light comes on I hear a fan noise stop (it goes quiet)… then withing a minute the orange light comes on. I am assuming that the air assist fan or the other little fan on the printer head gets a glitch in it and quits working until I restart the machine. I may be wrong (just assuming based on noise).
Anyone else have an issue like this?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sounds like one issue you may have is with the connection from the glowforge back to your router. What model of unit do you own? Pro, plus, basic? and have you tried hooking up the glowforge to your phone via a hotspot?

Thanks for your reply. I have a basic. For some reason I can only hook up (the set up with teal light) wi-fi with one computer but I can run the app with my other computer. Should I retry with the flashing teal light with hotspot then?

sometimes what happens is the signal to the machine is strong from the router but the signal from the machine back to the router wont be as secure. So if you connect your machine to your phones hotspot and leave it neat the glowfroge it helps eliminate that as a possible issue. It kinda seems like you have more than one issue going on at one time and might help out to eliminate one of them as a possible option.

True. I will give it a try. Thanks.

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I couldn’t set up to the hotspot but I reset up to my wifi and it turned orange 10 seconds into the cut. :frowning:


I just had a similar issue and just as you described, the hear the rev of the fan and then it goes quite-- then the orange light. I inspected the inside of my GF and saw a charred spot on the circuit board near the plug for the larger rear exhaust fan. I am not sure if this is the issue- just saw this yesterday and just experiences this issue yesterday. I do get an overheating issue on my computer so I hope it is simply the circuit board and no other damage. Check this area and also check the ribbon connection at the laser head- the ribbon can come out slightly.
I have sent an email to GF and I hope they respond soon-- i have a lot of work pending and need to know the verdict sooner than later; I have not even owned this GF Pro for a full year!!

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Yeah, that would be something they need to look into. Just unplug it for now and wait to hear from them. Sorry, that’s no way to start your day. :confused:

Hi. I’m sorry your machine is not working but I’m glad to know it isn’t my hearing that is going and there ya someone else with my issue. I heard back from GF and they said I need to send the machine back for repairs.
This is part of their response “ After a close review of your unit’s most recent logs, we’ve found that your unit is continuing to run into trouble during the step where the lens is focused inside the print head and this is an issue which we’ll be unable to resolve remotely.”
I don’t see how this can be part of my issue since I hear a fan noise stopping. But I do get stuck on focusing between prints so maybe that is the one issue they are seeing in the logs but not the other issue causing the orange light. Hmmmm.
I looked at my circuit board area and no burned areas… just extremely dirty. Ribbon cable is snapped into place well.
Thanks for your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are telling me; the pandemic recently afforded me enough time to sit and actually use it, then this happens. I just hope they respond soon and don’t give me the silent treatment. I hope it is an easy fix:/


You are welcome. Do you know how they will have you ship it back (provide you a box? Cover shipping costs? estimated turnaround?)? Glad to hear they have responded and are at least looking to fix the issue. Thanks again for your response.

You are required to keep the box and shipping materials when you receive the machine.

A replacement is $250 in their online store.

They will cover shipping if the machine is under warranty (and the repairs are under warranty as well.)

Ugh! I did not keep mine. Ok. Thanks! :nauseated_face:

They are going to charge $200 shipping for round trip. From what I have read in the Facebook GF groups there isn’t insurance on it. I have also read that you can’t add insurance but I am going to ask before I get the label. You gave to provide your original box and package it right or they can send you one for $250 I think.

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with your Glowforge. I just followed up with your email from yesterday.

To avoid duplicate communication, this post will be closed and we’ll continue to work on this though email.