Orange Overheating Light-Random Information

This is a bit of random advice/information for pet owners out there. I’ve mentioned this somewhere in passing, but it was a long time ago and not its own post.

We’re moving into the warmer months, and other basic owners in warmer climates probably experience the high temp warnings like I have many times in the past (it’s common when it’s 120 degrees outside and like 100 inside).

But sometimes, your fans are clean, it’s nice and cool inside, and you can’t seem to figure out why you’re still getting the warning.

A couple times a year, especially when shedding is especially bad (I have a dog and cat, but the cat in particular loves using my GF as a bed), the air intake on the right hand side of the machine will be clogged with the fine hairs of your furry pets (and sometimes the back exhaust outlet will be too). It happens when you are breathing in pet hair- the machine is breathing it in too.

It won’t be super obvious, but on the underside of your machine on the right side, there are lots of circles that suck in air. I can slide my fingertips under the machine and actually feel the furry.

Today was one of those days. I got the error message even though I just cleaned my exhaust and fans. I felt under the machine, and near the center on the right, I could feel fuzz. I grabbed the vacuum and a kid to help me, lifted the front of the machine, and could see my air intake was wearing a blanket. Ten seconds of vacuuming later, machine was ready to go.

Random picture from under the machine-even after vacuuming, it still looks gross.


Great advice about something that seems not to be a regular topic; cleaning the air intake.


Thinking about it, I imagine at a point the heat exchanger under there will itself face-load with dust/debris, like the guts of my neglected computer.


Yes…we just cleaned husband’s computer the other day…it was really bad. He’s got 3 fans, and the screen in front of them had maybe 1/4" thick dust carpet on the mesh screen…