Order did not go through first time (bank blocked it)

My order did not go through the first time, but I did not know it as I was left with a blank screen.
After a while of waiting, I re-tried and then it came back with “Credit Card Denied”. So I assumed it must have gone through the first time.
The next morning, I checked my on-line checking account and nothing was charged to it from “Glowforge”.
I called my bank (Wells Fargo) and they told me they blocked the transaction for a few reasons.
1- It was a high dollar amount on-line
2- From a company they never heard of
3- Was over my daily spending limit

I thanked them for catching it and asked them to allow it to go through.

I re-placed my order today and everything is looking good.

Just a quick note for anyone that might have the same issue.
So here is what should happen:
After you place your order, you should get a “Thank you” screen
And you should get 2 e-mails from Glow forge:
e-mail title : Glowforge Purchase Confirmation
e-mail title Your Glowforge, Inc receipt [#XXXX-XXXX]

Hope this helps some

Hmm… I only got the one titled “Glowforge Purchase Confirmation”. Maybe they added the receipt emails recently…

Maybe it’s a Visa thing?
I should have said “I got” instead of “you should get” :wink:

Thanks - we see that a lot. Calling the bank usually fixes it!