Order Status- shipping?

Not sure why we dont recieve an order status after ordering… I have no ideas when to expect my order? Days, weeks, months? This is very discouraging… And with the holidays coming, we will be traveling…
Anyone have any ideas how to get this information?

If you’re ordering from the shop, you should get an email notification at each step of the process:

If you’re talking about an order for a machine, I don’t know, since I haven’t done that for several years.

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Make sure to check your SPAM folder.

If you are in the US sign up for both of these and you will get a notification any time a company creates a shipping label to your address. You will get this notification well before GF sends anything out.

FedEx Delivery Manager

UPS My Choice


As stated above, they send emails for each step of the process. If you’re not receiving them, they are being blocked along the way.

I placed an order on the 19th, received an immediate confirmation. Shipping notice a few hours later, delivery alert three days later, delivery completed notice later that same day.

edit - I knew I’d posted this somewhere…

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If you ordered a machine, sign up for the services mentioned above because shipping estimates are unreliable at best. It could come at any time. If you’re still planning on traveling this year, you’re going to want to be able to hold the delivery and those services will allow you to do so.

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I’m so sorry that wasn’t clear.

I checked your account and I see that you placed your order for your for your Glowforge with an expected delivery date of 12/5, so things look right on track. Once your order is shipped, we will send an email that includes your tracking number. In the meantime, you can always check the status of your order at https://store.glowforge.com/account

We’re excited for you to get your Glowforge! I’m going to close this thread, but please feel free to start a new topic if you have any other questions.