Ordered in November, no update

I ordered in November, and the website said ships in January. That was fine. but its mid way through Jan and ive not gotten any updates. Ive called the phone number 5 times with no answer just voicemail, which i left 2-3 of them. Ive sent emails to support and not a single answer.

The most reliable way to know when your machine is on the way is to sign up for FedEx and UPS delivery notification services online.


A number of us have received their Glowforge before we had notice it was arriving. Covid has messed up many things that even wood is arriving later than was the timing when I ordered it.

If you log into your account and look at your open order, it’ll show the expected shipping - the CS folk don’t actually have any better information than that, and sadly contacting them repeatedly and opening multiple tickets just slows down their response time for everybody.

They don’t have warehouses of the machines, they’re pretty much shipping them out as soon as they are built, so depending on what they are producing and what you ordered the delivery time may vary sadly.

but I’ll definitely echo @eflyguy - sign up for the FedEx and UPS apps and you’ll get notification whenever a package is on its way to your door.


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