Ordered some proof grade material and got sales spam in my inbox

Not really sure if this is the right way to go about contacting people. I ordered some PG mats from the store as I have done before. With the order I get a sales person thanking me for my interest and trying to sell me a GF. Sorry but I don’t need spam from your sales people when I already own the unit. The email is full of tracking links and an opt out at the end. I really shouldn’t need to opt out , this has never happened on previous orders from your store.

Will this be happening in the future? It wreaks of used car sales.


It reeks of the time in the universe. I look up something and buy it, vacuum cleaner, 3-d printer, air fryer, things that people only buy once, and for months they try and sell me a new one. I don’t think that is special to Glowforge or even in their direct control.

This was from the official GF shop? I’ve ordered many many times over the past 3+ years and have never seen such a thing before.

Yes from the GF shop. I too have ordered many times from there and never received spam before. I paid via paypal, it defaulted to my Wife’s name and then on my paypal email I get a unsolicited message from a member of the GF sales team :

I use a different email for all my services, hulu… netflix… etc (over 500 emails addresses) They all funnel down to my real email which is hidden. Now my paypal email is on the sales lead database and im not happy about it. I will need to go and re-generate a new email for my paypal now and burn the old one. With this method I get less then a handful of spam messages a month and I know exactly when an email address has been compromised or sold.

That is from your browser tracking your use and selling your email…


Nope, the email came from Glowforge’s domain, sent to my paypal email. Like I said I keep over 500 email addresses, I know exactly when there is a breach.

What seemed to have happened at least I think: I ordered proofgrade material when not logged in to my GF account (if that is even possible) and GF sales team was like well he paid with this paypal account lets spam him since he is not a customer. If not then they just saw the name didnt match because it was my wife’s… either way I hate the “thanks for your interest” tactic, if I really wanted the email from sales I would have asked for it.

That’s very odd. We don’t have any system in place like this that I know of, so I’m going to take a look. If you don’t mind, email this to support@glowforge.com, reference this thread, and include the email that was used for the sales outreach. Thank you!

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I have received a few supposed email from Glowforge (all from China) and other companies. If you can look at the email address you received it from and then look at the meta data. I would bet that the email originated from somewhere else attempting to get your personal information, phishing scam.

If I’m not expecting an email from the company i delete it.

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what @gamn1958 said. what you see normally is the “reply-to” address. what you really want to see is what’s in the mail headers. this 100% reads as scam and not legit.

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@gamn1958 The reply, and originating address are legit. The sales person from the letter is a sales person from GF. Headers were examined, It does not a appear to be a spoof.

My email is set up in such a way that if I receive an email from a company that I am not expecting, then I know the email address was used on purpose, sold, or stolen. An example of this would be my GF account. The only place that email is used is to sign into GF and correspond with them. If all of a sudden I start getting emails on that address, I know the address was compromised somehow and I can shut it down if needed.

As @dan suggested I emailed GF support about it and included the entire email including the headers.

Well the support team replied and basically apologized for the email and told me to click the link to opt out. I never click links to opt out. They should have a manual way to remove me from the database, or better yet let people “opt in” instead of “opting out”. I never asked for “more information” or asked to be on that email list.

That paypal email address will be changing tonight so remove it, or not… that address you have will not work tomorrow.

Well then problem solved, now time to move on and have some cheese…

LOL its not whine, to me it is a legit complaint. I mention this so maybe (just maybe) GF can grow and learn better practices. It is my opinion that they should adopt a true opt-in model, or maybe they did not know it was even a problem. Now they know.

We spent time over the past month going through this in detail, and tracked down the specific email to a particular type of link that requests a meeting with our team. That link looks like one of these:


Here’s one example of where it can be found:

It also appears in social media, in some of our live videos for prospective customers, etc. We verified that those lists do not have customer emails on them unless the customer submitted their email through a form like that.

The most obvious culprit is that you submitted your email because the link was missing context, and it wasn’t clear that this was a sales meeting. We’re going to look through our copy to make sure it’s more clear.

It’s also possible there was some sort of glitch that affected a small number of people - but we haven’t seen any evidence of that yet.

So we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any other cases like yours where someone who’s a customer got sent a pre-purchase email that they weren’t expecting.

Thank you for the feedback to help us improve!



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