The fiance and I are on the isagenix diet. We did have our little corner with the boxes it comes in but then he decided to clean up the area. No glue required!


Nice #practicalcut! I’ve been planning to do something like this to organize our dog pills, but haven’t gotten to it yet. We have 6 dogs in various sizes and they each get 2 pills per month each to keep all the TX nasties from making them sick, and pulling them all out of the various packages and trying to keep them all straight while making note of which ones need refills can be a little crazy-making. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Those are some lovely bins!


That looks great. I love organization…just not too good at it :upside_down_face:


Good job! I love all the snap together boxes! They are fun and addictive.

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We tried a box when we first got our machine and it didn’t work out so we have been avoiding boxes.

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Yowzer! Whatever those pills are for, I hope you feel better soon!

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They’re part of my diet program. Pills to boost your metabolism and at night to flush out toxins. After 3 weeks I’m down 6 pounds!


You almost can’t have enough boxes and bins. Good job!

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I’m sorry to hear that. I just used which I saved as a bookmark so I can find it easy. (Sorry, I’ve forgotten who told me about in here in the GF community.) If you highlight each item, most (not all) will give you a picture of what the finished product looks like. I have found that on some of them, like the one I did for my ribbons, I had to gently tap the sides together, but that was fine with me. Give it another shot for something you need. You might find the files better now.


I prefer to tap them together – much better than getting glue all over my fingers. :wink:

I agree. And something about the tapping makes me feel like I’ve really created something! :slight_smile:

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