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Is there a way to delete items in the dashboard. A couple of files, I downloaded once, yet I’ve three copies, sometimes 5 of the same thing? Also, can you organize them? TIA, You are all awesome with the assistance.

In the upper right corner of the file thumbnail under the three-dot menu - Delete.

We have asked for files since the start. Evidently, the company would prefer we use our local storage. I imagine over time as they sell more machines, accomodating storage represents an increasing expense.
It’s easy enough to drag and drop a file into the dashboard to load it.


If you’re talking about purchased designs - frequently that 5 “of the same” are actually each different materials - so be careful. Luckily if you can delete a purchased one I believe going back to the catalog will allow you to reload it.


I’ve yet been able to “drag and drop” onto the dashboard, even if I open two separate internet windows. I always have to use “upload” to put anything on the dashboard.

Really? Saved as an Inkscape SVG, I drop a file on the dashboard, it is processed and loaded, ready for settings.

I’ll have to try it again. Are you just right-clicking on the dashboard to copy your file? Maybe I’m just doing something wrong. I know I can copy/paste between things like Silhouette and Word, but I’ve tried to copy and paste from Silhouette to the dashboard and it does nothing.

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No, sorry. I wasn’t clear. I use a computer with two monitors on an extended desktop, so I just click on and drag the file from my design folder to the dashboard and it uploads immediately.


“Drag and drop” is not the same as “copy and paste”.

Drag and drop means to click on something, keep the mouse or touchpad depressed while moving the selected object to another window, then releasing the mouse or touchpad button to “drop” it on that other window.


Gotcha! Just tried it by highlighting a file in my files list (just went brain dead - like Windows Explorer, but I don’t use Explorer, and I can’t think what it’s called!), and it worked perfectly. Yay!! And since @cynd11 (I think it was her) showed how to use preview for svg files, that makes it super easy now. Yay! I love this group!

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I don’t think it was me (I’m on a Mac) but I’ll take the compliment anyway!

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.