Organized(ish) at last!

I have been tripping over growing piles of scraps and shuffling through random stacks of materials for months. It was as huge mess and very inefficient. (Sorry, I failed to take a “before” photo, but trust me, it was a disgrace.) I finally got my workroom better organized. This Ivar shelving unit from IKEA works perfectly for my needs.

It will save me money, too. Next time I think I need to buy more glass green acrylic, I can simply look at my shelf and say, “No, I’m good. Apparently.”


That is great organisation. And a fortune in materials stock! Hope you get to laser away much of it.


Looks great


Nice storage setup.

I can help you there:

$7.79 for 12x24 vs $20 for 12x20, about a third of the price.


Looks wonderful! And thanks for the link @evansd2 - I’m going to check them out too!


It is spectacular! Nice to have the additional height and depth.

So, it looks like you aren’t using any cross-braces since you’re using the shelving with the short end out. Do you feel the straps at the top are enough to stabilize it?


Wow, that’s a serious amount of stock. I doubt my machine will ever see anywhere near that amount in its lifetime.


That’s a great storage solution, and as deep a material stash as I have seen… :astonished:


We used two cross-braces. They are hard to see in the photo because they happen to be on the 10-shelf sections.

We also anchored it to the wall. It seems pretty stable.

It is the deeper Ivar shelving option, so it’s designed to sit this orientation.


It was not intentional. I honestly didn’t have any idea how much material I had accumulated until I started putting it on the shelves. This is a hobby for me, not a business, so I haven’t been at all organized in my procurement. I just bought materials haphazardly when I thought I might like to do something with them someday. And I’m a sucker for a sale.

Thank you, but you may be contributing to my problem. :wink:


Oh my…this is me, too. We’re moving soon, and I just found an entire box of PG materials. I don’t know if I have even opened it, yet…but, I’m afraid to find out. I only do stuff as a hobby, too.


Love this organization! My husband built me shelving similar to this but not as tall as our ceilings are lower in my craft room! Thanks @evansd2 for the acrylic link!!


Thank you for the info and for the pictures showing the cross-braces. :grinning:


I think he (@evansd2 ) is contributing to my problem also.

Love the shelving and thanks for the link.


LOVE Ivar, so sturdy and easy to set up! Moved a set I bought 20 years three times now and they’re still as good as new. Putting them together with the short end out is a great space saver.


Nice! I’m user part of an ancient Ivar set - the pine darkens beautifully with age :stuck_out_tongue: I got it from my folks about 20 years ago, and they had it for who knows how long before that!

but I hear you on the disorganization. I’m so much more organized that I was before, but I need more short shelves so I can separate each type of material (both species and cut/not cut). Work in progress always :slight_smile:


Where do you get the 3M tape in various width?

You might try GS2 Awards. I think they have wider, but I know I got a 6in “blemished” roll for a really good price, and the blemish (had a few nicks on the edges) isn’t anywhere near bad enough not to use it. It just means they can’t sell it as a perfect roll.


The 6" and 12" rolls are from GS2 Awards. I bought the 1" and 2" rolls on Amazon, but I believe GS2 Awards now carries some narrower options.

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