I made this organizer out of 5mm underlayment from Home Depot. (.197" 145/Full), glued, clamped and finished. I need to go back over and add pulls, but you might want to modify the svg so it can use pullouts instead.

I split this master file into separate runs (took 10 sheets) just so I could find everything easily.


I would like to recognize help that I pulled from the GF community. I ended up using JPBA’s model as the base point for my boxes (Fusion 360 Finger-jointed tray model) and eljefe4’s hold down pins (Honeycomb bed holdown pins).

Even though it is super cheap plywood I still tend to try and maximize the amount of semi-usable scrap from all my cuts. For some reason if I was going to have problems it would be with the head not quite knowing where the limit was on the right side, so maybe give yourself an extra 1/2" on that side


…drawing was bigger than the display area


Those look like great organizers! Thanks for sharing the files! :smile:

In case it might be helpful, I’ve been putting my big designs into separate layers, and naming the layers with what’s in them. I find it easier than scrolling around one big layer looking for the piece I need. :slight_smile: Each layer has one print run in it. When I’m ready to start cutting, I just hide all the layers except the one I want the GF to run, save it, and then load that version in the GFUI.

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I am old school. That design would have become Pt-1, Pt-2… Pt-10…

I have 8 Terabyte of storage for graphics and backup, so saving a byte here and there is meaningless.

The overlapping does work well when doing front//back designs though. Burn one set with back on ignore. Flip the item then ignore the design just burned and do the other side. Only good alignment schemed I have seen for front and back, but it relies on a symmetrical outer design overall.


Hey, thanks for the file! Looks quite useful.

I’m glad you were able to use the model. Did you have any issues with it?

Biggest challenge was/is Fusion. Using the tool I would occasionally get a slot for a finger missing from one of the side views but that wasn’t on this and I haven’t been able to recreate it

Other than that, only “issue” has been me and making sure I am giving myself enough tolerance for the real world or forgetting to adjust the thickness to what I am working with

As a couple of the others have pointed out large multi-component files are easy to get mixed up. My original intent had been to differentiate by colors for the various shelf sizes. There are 3 faces and base sizes for the drawers. The sides as the same for all the drawers.

The frame is pretty easy to tell apart. With bottom being the most open.

That being said, no idea how I got an extra side panel frame in there. I’ll try and clean the SVG up and repost it

If you see this happen again, let me know. I’ve tested quite a bit to make sure that it can’t happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some strange cases that can still occur.