Organizing dashboard

There is still no way to organize the dashboard into folders??? It would be SO helpful.


Absolutely! If you want the GF folks to see this you’ll need to post in Problems and Support…


People have been requesting this option for many years now. They keep telling us it’s “in the hopper”. If you post in problems and support you can add to the list and make it front and center again.

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I open a thread about this every time I get annoyed by the lack of folders.

I’m gonna squeak that damned wheel until they give it to us :innocent:


No, there isn’t…
But you can bookmark your design in your dashboard and organize the bookmarks…


great idea, I didn’t think of that, thanks


Someone here mentioned it before, I can’t take credit for the idea. :smiley:

I keep a bookmark folder in Chrome with just GF links…SUPER handy. Though, a tiny bit less necessary since the search function was added.

My designs are in specific folders on my computer as well however once they’re on my design area in Glowforge many items that get engraved, the design already been sized to the object so I don’t have to go through that process again

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