Orlando Maker Faire 2017


Anyone planning to be at the Orlando Maker Faire this weekend with a Glowforge?


I just received my Glowforge Pro, and will be there. I think it’ll be set up in the Spirit hall, next to e-NABLE. Should be fun!


I can’t wait to see one in real life. I will see you Saturday!


I look forward to meeting! With any luck I’ll have a hacked-together carbon filter, too!


Don’t forget the Glowforge Grant Program - let us know if we can help support you there!


Special thanks to Laird for letting me “push the button” today.


Thanks for coming by - it was awesome seeing all the Glowforge owners and future owners today! I have say that all the current GF owners seemed very happy with their GFs, which was a blast.

As a side note, I’m running it in a hall with no external venting available, so I’m using an indoor growing carbon filter like https://www.amazon.com/Hydropronic-Inline-Carbon-Filter-Control/dp/B002ZJNW3Q . There’s still some odor, but it’s fine in the large hall - tons of cutting, no complaints.

Maker Faire filter

Wow, interesting. What materials have you been cutting?


Mainly Acrylic (clear, black, white, flourescent orange) and some draft board (wood). The wood smell was nice - reminded people of camping and roasting marshmallows. Acrylic not so nice. Clear and orange and white weren’t so bad, but the black smelled more strongly.