Ornaments and Pseudo-ornaments

I had fun placing the Gift of Good Measure on our tree and noticed that the 5mm hole fit over a bulb. So…

Then I created the Boba Fett and learned how much smoke and marking engraving generates. It was less than expected, but I was thrilled with the Proofgrade masking afterwards. Proofgrade really is great stuff.

Then, with the 5mm light source idea, I created a simple ornament with a 5mm hole to see how that would look. I had a mix of deep engraves and shallow.

…and of course, some of the standard items and a first attempt at a company logo without simplifying my AI file.

I’m working up to my more advanced projects as I learn what to expect from my awesome Hiakari.


Love the idea of light-collar ornaments! (And the little printed ruler as an ornament!) Great job on them! :grinning:


Edge lighting ornaments, great idea!

Since any engrave blocks light, going deeper further from the light source helps with illumination consistently.
That Christmas tree in acrylic I did was broken into 4 colors from bottom to top so that higher power or additional passes could be applied as the design progressed upward.

So in the case of yours the engraves nearest the bulb would be the most shallow, and the outer edge would be deepest.

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Has anyone else been getting lines in their engraves? See the top reindeer in the acrylic ornament. Is there a solution for that. I guess defocusing the laser…