Now that the holidays are over, I can finally post up what I’ve been working on Nov- Dec!
These are some ornaments I made for a client. They’re dual sided & were a royal pain in the butt to make because the file was so large that the GF program took FOREVER to move the art each time. I couldn’t do multiples either, so I had to do them one.at.a.time- UGH! But the results were so worth it even though I had to make 100 pieces & wanted to kill myself when I was finished, lol!! But I must say, all this trial & error is really helping my learning curve with Inkscape & GF programs, lol


How pretty! (Bet you wind up making a lot more next year.) :grinning:

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You did a great job on these!

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Something about that finish looks like sugar glaze on a cookie. And now I’m getting hungry.


Very nice! is it the same design on both sides?

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same design, but one side has their logo & the other has seasons greetings as shown in the above pics


Cool. What are they made of? Wood with glitter? Glittery acrylic?