Other “finished” plywood suppliers?

Hey, everybody! Has anyone found any other good/reasonably priced pre-finished plywood besides the proofgrade? I keep looking all over and there’s so many random places that have different types and some finish them and some don’t and some will for an extra price. I will end up using a pretty large amount of this material so I’m wondering (after the hours of research I’ve already done) if someone has done more hours of research and finally found a good source for large orders.


I’ve gotten some good cuts on wood from here.

They have a good variety of pre finished colors. I’ve liked the finish on all. Hadn’t really looked thought any volume discounts or anything.


Thanks, Bill! I haven’t seen that site before. Love their colors and price!


Johnson Plastics has some too. I’ve tried 2 different ones - one was double sided and one was single sided - both were MDF core and cut great using normal PG settings. And if I remember right, both were 1/4”. Neither were masked, so you need to do that yourself.

I think the double sided was like $15 for 12x24 and I THINK the single sided was only like $5-6.


No doubt you’ve already considered this, but for other readers do note that one of the other properties of Proofgrade is its construction. It has no voids or knots internally so it cuts and engraves uniformly. The pre-finishing is only part of the story of Proofgrade.


I too have used wood from the wood gallery and have been please for the most part. You do have to deal with some internal knots that may cause you to have to re-cut pieces adding to time and cost, Hey it;s not proof grade.