Our air filter is ready, apparently. When will it ship?

I received an email from Glowforge on 1/28 indicating our Air Filter (from our order in 2018) is ready to ship. I filled out the form to confirm that we still wanted the filter (and provided the reservation code) on the same day, 1/28.

And then… crickets.

No confirmation notice, no other communication from Glowforge, no communication from a shipping company / freight forwarder / etc. If the Air Filter is truly ready to ship, six days without any communication regarding shipment or delivery of the filter is concerning.

A quick scan of the forum suggests others have had similar problems.

When will our Air Filter ship?

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I do believe you’ll get a shipping notice, but you’ll do better signing up for FedEx/UPS’ app than waiting on :glowforge:

I also believe the date at https://glowforge.com/account will update as they receive more information (but I can’t verify b/c I canceled my filter order :stuck_out_tongue: )

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@purchasing6 Thank you so much for your patience. Since this pertains to personal account information I’ll follow up via email, but your Glowforge Air Filter is currently en-route to you!