Our market booth in Hawaii

What a great setup. Great that you got 2 spaces to open it up. Hope it was a successful day. I was in Kona about 10years ago. I loved it so much. I live in SoFLa and can’t live without the ocean. I spent most my trip in the water hanging w the locals or hiking the park. Super chill vibes. Pa. Love the humming. It was a nice surprise when I turned on the sound.

Aloha from O’ahu :slight_smile:

Hi, Love your set up. Very inspiring! I’m a fellow glowforge designer/ vendor based in LA/Oahu. Looking to get into the craft market on island. Do you know of any show in Oahu?

You may want to check on the weekend flea market at Aloha Stadium. I don’t know if they still have it, but there were some quality goods being offered in some of the booths.

That is fantastic! I’m really glad things are working for you! Y’all keep up the good woodwork!

Thanks for the info. Which one are you at on the Big Island? Are you there every weekend. Would love to check your work out next time I’m there. Do you have a website?

HP: amandarogers808 is on the Big Island. We used to live on Oahu, but we’ve been in Texas for the last 15 years.

Sorry for the mix-up!