Our Pro has finally made it to GF HQ for a new tube

Our Pro landed at GF HQ today 1/24 for its laser tube replacement. Maybe, Just maybe it will get back to us quickly and crossing fingers that it will have Snapmarks when we boot it up!


That seems like a pretty big dream, but best of luck. You have two machines and neither have Snapmarks?

Yes our basic has it but the Pro does not. Dream big or not at all ;p)


Wow. you already blew through a tube? 1st that I know of. Interested in the results.


How did you know you needed a new tube? Did it fail completely? Was is something that was diagnosed from GF headquarters over the web?

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Broken glass and loss of coolant.

When Puff flew back for her revival (that apparently failed) I was concerned that the tube was reaching beyond most of its life as it looked increasingly like a copper rod in there instead of glass, but that was not the cause of death.

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From the time that GF received it how long did it take to get one back? I am confused how they could send you a non Pro in place of your original? I would have been so upset if we had to move it like you did just to find it was not yours or even a Pro. Also if you sent one in for repairs how could they send you back a machine that was not yours? These machines have enough issues. Stuck on centering, lid glass coming detached, broken left hinge just to name a few. IF they are just doing swap outs and not repairing what you sent then how do you know what your going to end up with?

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Puff had many issues and from early October when the exhaust fan died to mid-December when I could not finish a design at all, that piece of very nice wood sits hoping beyond hope that when the Gfui turns on again that the design will still go to the same place on the crumb tray and the wood will not be trash.

It took me nearly two weeks to get Puff back in the coffin and head back to the brood nest where it arrived Dec 29. Sometime mid-January the GFUI evaporated and was I expect the official time of final death. By the 17th I was told that my Glowforge was headed my way and it is not too surprising that it arrived on the 23rd It still took another day for me to get the coffin lid off and in inspecting I discovered the lack of a pass-through slot. I never did actually get it out of the box.

I did notice that the Tube was better off than mine had been but far from virgin with only a slight build up of copper in the tube, so it was a refurb. Now what I will be getting will be another Refurb also. We will see if it will be issue free and hopefully the tube will at least be younger than what I sent. The key issue of the exhaust grill is with the basic design of the machine and short of a post Warranty grillectomy I see no hope there but knowing about the problem I will be more active in keeping it as clean as possible, and I still have the Vivosun assist fan in the matrix.


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