Out of stock, is this normal? Reliable material vendors?

I purchased my glowforge right before the pandemic so I’m not sure if this is normal. Every time I go to purchase proofgrade materials, things are sold out and I have to wait for my email to be notified when they’re back in stock. Is this standard for glowforge materials or is the lack of stock due to shipping issues caused by the pandemic? If this is because of Covid, i’m fine with waiting, but if the stock issues are normal for glowforge, can anyone recommend any reliable material vendors? Are there any other companies you recommend that sell laser safe materials that are pre-masked and cut to a size that fits? I’m specifically looking for 100 sheets of the 1/8" basswood plywood and don’t want to deal with cutting and masking my own. Thanks!

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It’s mostly Covid issues right now but GF materials stocks can be unpredictable in normal times, too. Especially now that there’s 20,000+ GF owners.

Use the search/magnifying glass at the top of the page, there’s TONS of discussion on alternate material sources. You’ll find a lot of great info.


There are definitely larger/older companies that supply materials. AFAIK none of them pre-mask, and none are guaranteed to work the way :proofgrade: does - so you can get materials, but they won’t be the same quality.
If that works for you then as @ekla said there are lots of discussions here, do a search for “[material name] supplier”. Personally I go with Ocooch.

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