Out of Warranty parts list

Hey all, I am currently trying to make a list of parts that will work with the Glowforge as replacement parts without heavy modifications. Things like the fans, the wheels on the head sled with the assisting fan and the belts. What has anyone been able to use as pare parts I will post a couple of parts below in the comments but if you can please include the description of the item and a link to where you found it?

The belts I have used.

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If you go to openglow, they list a lot of the parts that you can order stock.


It’d jumpstart your parts list to investigate over there.


Thanks Going over there now.

This might be obvious but never replaced a belt before. How do you use an “open timing belt”? What do you use to connect the ends?

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There is a clamp built into the carriage.

Saw this thread and thought I would check back. Did you happen to create the part list? I am interested in the same thing… Belts, wheels, fans, etc. all parts that aren’t available for purchase from Glowforge, but will probably wear down at some point.

My question too