Outgoing Mail Mailbox Clip

One of the very first projects I made on my Glowforge was this simple mailbox clip that I made for my mother. She likes to use a clothespin to clip her outgoing mail to the front edge of her mailbox, so the postman knows to take it. The first one I made was out of PG Maple, but these are non-PG poplar. The acrylic (you could also use wooden) clothespin is super glued to the back of the heart.

I have included the SVG file below.
heart 1.zip (10.2 KB)


I’m sure your Mom is ready to post a letter this very minute! Always good to take care of our Moms! Nice job.


Unfortunately we get a lot of mail theft around here, but I love the idea of that. :wink:

A who on what? Doesn’t she just press the “Send” button?! :slight_smile: