Outline of pointed image coming out rounded

I am making an outline using glowforge premium app, but when I do, the ends are coming out rounded when the image is pointed - I’ve done this same project four other times with no issues?

I appreciate any advice!

Thanks, John

Can you share a photo of the item by sharing a screenshot of your interface?

Not sure I did this correctly - let me know?

The top one is my original, and the bottom is the outline. I am doing an inlay so adjusted for my kerf of .04.

The outline function is designed to smooth edges (actually, to simplify the paths.)

Just scale it, don’t use outline.


If your kerf adjustment is correct the result will be pointed. The outline will be exactly the same distance which is why it curves around the endpoint.

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I did this one the same way, and the same kerf as the last five?

Again, outline is designed to make smooth borders around objects/groups of objects. It is not designed to faithfully reproduce a shape for things like Kerf. For that, scale your design elements appropriately.

It’s even shown to do that on the support page that shows how to use it. Square corners are rounded off.

I don’t pay for Premium, I have no use for it, but did have access when it was first introduced and it was that way back then.

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I do have premium, and the opposite of that is true. Sometimes annoyingly so. If you put a square up and an outline that is 1/4" offset, then it will make a curve at the corner of 1/4" radius, if offset 1/8" then the radius of that corner will be 1/8".

If however, there is a 0.26" gap then the 1/8" will run about inside the hole but the 1/4" will just bounce like a tire hitting a pothole


This is basically the same type image I am trying to do. Their outline appears with rounded images once applied, but then ends pointed…I’m gonna keep trying - I must be doing something different… Thanks for all your replies!!!


That piece was done before many of the current tools existed, but one issue at that time was that in slowing down to stop and accelerating away tended to over blast that point, so even a very small radius would do less damage. When that situation occurs now there is some verry fancy programming that adjusts the power.

Still as before if you think of a wheel going around a point, the center of that wheel will make a partial circle with the radius equal exactly to the radius of the wheel so even if a little off the point will be that much smaller. On an inside point this is more of a problem as there is a minimum radius that anything cannot overcome. This is especially evident in a CNC where that wheel might be 1/8" radius.


This is actually terrible advice, kerf adjustments are offsets which is not the same as scaling at all. Scaling would only work for very simple, symmetrical shapes like circles and squares. More complicated shapes would be totally wrong.


I can’t answer the specific question regarding pointed images and the outline tool, but I have an observation. I created a shape in the interface - a polygon with 5 sides. I used the outline tool with 0 offset to create an outline. I exported the file and opened in Inkscape. In looking at the two vectors in node editing mode, the polygon created with the outline tool has extra nodes at three of its corners. Maybe these extra nodes have something to do with the image changing its corners.

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