Outside Humidity

I just got my glowforge and hooked up the vent yesterday, this afternoon i noticed the glass top looked wet. I took off the vent hose and it was damp inside. I figure because it was beyond humid in NY and cooler in the house…
Here’s my question, am I supposed to disconnect the hose from the machine? I dont think its good for the machine to be getting damp ?
Any ideas?

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You mean disconnect it every time (gets old quickly) or you can install a blast gate. Use the search function. You will find lots off info on blast gates. I used a free design I got here on the forum.

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I know thats why I’m asking. Seems ridiculous to take it off and on constantly. I will search it. Thank you !


Here is what Glowforge says on its setup page:


I’m lazy, I installed one of THESE inline with my venting.


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I used the free blast gate on the forum as well and it works perfectly!!


I use a disconnect system but have this as well and it’s perfect if I accidentally forget to disconnect.

It has a seal that only lifts when air is exiting (I.e. the GF is running). So it actually blocks air from entering whenever the GF is off and the fan is not running.

Still best to disconnect but this is a good extra layer of protection:

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Here’s what I added after the exact same shock of seeing a damp Forge.

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the moisture.

There are a lot of great suggestions from other users here.

I’m going to move this post to beyond the manual so the conversation can continue there.

Should you have any additional questions, please start a new post in problems and support, or email us at support@glowforge.com.

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