Outsourcing While My Machine Gets Fixed

Hey guys!!

I am looking for someone who can assist me with outsourcing my prints. I am having massive problems with my GF, and it won’t print at all anymore. So, I am needing to have some of my prints outsourced. They would be acrylic prints, and I would, of course, pay for any material. Since this is my first time doing this, I am not sure of the standard rate for this kind of service. So, please let me know. The prints would be donation items used to raise money for charity, specifically a way to give people something back for donating to the Google Matching Fund, which will 100% match donations made to four organizations that are trying to ease the racial tension and trauma right now. I have the prints in SVG and PDF files. I’ll also pay for shipping to have them shipped to me or pick it up in Las Vegas, if you live here.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Where are you located? There might be someone in your area that could do it and avoid shipping costs.

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Good point! Thanks! I’ll edit the post. I live in Las Vegas though.

Well if you need any printed in the Eastern seaboard printed, please let me know. We can discuss rates based on size of products, shipping, etc.

Interesting concept is to have a GF Market where folks could shop our products, and have them fulfilled by a local or closest GF owner whom you have partnered with to fulfill the order. Hmm…worth looking into…might start that research tonight.


@david.barbee3, would you be willing to ship to me? Let me know, thanks!

Interesting idea… sort of an uber for glowforge. Maybe you could call it goober.


This is hilarious! Love it!


Not sure if you received my reply as I do not see it posted. I can ship, just need to talk about details. you can reach out to me direct: david(dot)barbee3(at)gmail.com

You truly do NOT want to leave your email address in an open posting, you will get spam from every Bot that looks for such.

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