"Over 500 premium cut-ready CNC designs for just $49"

I’m signed up with these guys and they send out free DXFs every week. They sent me a notice that they are now selling a huge collection of DXFs. Thought I would share in case anyone was interested.



Very similar looking set here for free

not quite an full overlap.

SG is a great site anyway


Just remember…

SilhouetteGarden.com is a collection of free silhouette clip art and vectors. Each silhouette is available in various formats including EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, and SVG. The silhouettes may be used for personal and educational purposes with attribution. If you prefer to use the clip art without attribution, we offer a bundle of all silhouettes, including an option for commercial-use.

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Good point

Cool thanks. Not sure how I hadn’t seen this yet.