Over 72 hours smoke blowing everywhere and no one is contacting me

checked all the fans they are clean as a whistle, so unless they do not work i am at a loss. sent emails and messages and have gotten no response. i have the fan that came from glow forge to vent, whole set up came nov 2021. i have not cut that much stuff. and only wood. smoke comes right out of the lid. at a loss. smh

When did you first email?

It can take a while for them to respond but if you provide more details, the community might be able to offer some advice.

Are you using the air filter? Have you accidentally turned off the exhaust fan with the toggle in the interface?

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If smoke is coming out the front, besides the fans being dirty and not able to clear it out, or not working, another thing to look for would be is anything is blocking the airflow out.

For example, I have a screen window I vent from. If the screen directly in front of my exhaust hose has grime built up on it, the smoke can’t thoroughly escape and gets backed up.

Also, I have pets and once, I noticed the area in front of of where my exhaust fan should be (I removed it) was clogged with random pet hairs that collected all the ash and residue. It didn’t look blocked, but a sweep of my finger over the back made my realize that it was blocked enough to stop airflow.

So now I make sure when I clean my fans (external fan and the air assist on the back of the print head), I also clear all the pathways the air needs to flow through.

Hopefully your issue is a simple fix.


Does that mean you have the filter, rather than you’re venting out a window?

If so, have you tried turning the dial to increase the suction? And if that didn’t help, it’s likely that your filter is full. Some materials, like MDF, fill the filter up with just a few hours of cutting.


I have the filter from glow forge.

I checked all the fans they are clean and have only cut wood. I will try and vent out the window and see if that helps. Thank you. Also I emailed gf this past Friday and today. Still no response which is rediculous.

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It is very possible your air filter is full or the filter fan needs to be dialed up.


Sounds very much like the filter could be full. If “wood” includes Proofgrade medium plywood or draftboard, it’s very likely that is the case. It’s technically possibly to fill the filter in just a few hours cutting those materials.


Sorry, I didn’t catch that you were running a filter, my bad. Like the other users stated, it sounds like your filter is full. I would try venting out the window to see if it solves the issue. If it does, then you know you need to replace the filter cartridge.

I don’t use a filter, but my local library does, and they were quite shocked that they used up the filter cartridge in just one day.


E$pecially $hocked…
There have been users who weren’t aware that a filter is consumable, and plenty that didn’t realize the filter could face-load so quickly.


They are completely useless as far as I’m concerned with as fast as they clog. The only way they would be worthwhile is if the filters were pennies on the dollar to the current price.


I agree, I would never even consider it. The model use for the filter would be a temporary solution, like at an indoor maker faire where no other options exist.

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That was why I got the filter. But while I waited I did a couple of indoor events where my only choice was to vent indoors. I ran the GF hose into a big Rubbermaid tub and then laid a tablecloth (folded up a bunch of times) on top of the tub. It took care of all the smoke and it was just opening & closing the GF that seemed to let smells into the space. No one had any issue with it and it wasn’t objectionable even to me - less than what I was smelling from my window vent before I replaced the original hose.

I got the filter finally but then MF killed the big makerfaires and Covid got our local ones.


From the sound of it, are you using both the filter and the built-in exhaust fan? That will make the situation worse, though if the filter is clogged the smoke will have no place to go.

Early on I purchased a Blu-Dri filter before Glowforge had them available and that cleaned out a smoky house very well.

I emailed glowforge on January 28th and 31st.
Still haven’t contacted me back. Thank you all for helping. I just started venting out my wi dow again
Everything is OK. The fact that they don’t respond

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It is very frustrating, no argument with that.

Last time I had a simple question for support, it was 11 days to get a response. That was a couple of years ago and things did improve, but then it dropped off again.

Venting outdoors is always preferable. The filter is for very light, occasional use.

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