Over my head

I have had my glowforge for a few months. I love it but am not very computer savvy, so have not designed anything by myself and have purchased all the files I have made. I didn’t take into account all the extra $$ it was going to be. Is there a font program that people use? $50 a month for the premium is a lot for me. I see everything everyone does and jealous of how beautiful it comes out. Everything I do is burnt or doesn’t cut thru. But if my husband finds out the expensive purchase I made is way above my head. It’s going to be my head.


Okay, before you do anything else, you need to work ALL THE WAY THROUGH the “first prints” tutorials on the support site (if you haven’t already). That’s going to make you a lot more comfortable with using your machine and getting the best results from it. You can find them here:

If you’re looking for a source for fonts, there are sites like wordmark.it, creativefabrica.com, and fontbundles.net that sell them pretty cheap, and release a free font periodically. The main thing to look for is (if you’re going to sell what you make with it) that it comes with commercial rights. The sites I listed all allow commercial use.

As for “burnt or doesn’t cut thru,” learn to run a test strip on your material to dial in your settings exactly. Here’s a post to get you started:

You don’t have to be computer savvy to do this – just willing to learn and keep trying. You’ve got this! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I was told I was too OLD to buy and learn how to use (my loving son) then when I got it was told don’t ask him how. So I’ve been through A LOT of material :woozy_face:. I don’t make things to sell. Just like keeping busy and if someone I know likes what I made give it away :slight_smile: It makes me happy


Make no mistake there is a learning curve with the Glowforge. BUT HOLY SMOKES can you make cool stuff with it.

I have had mine for a long time and real life had built a wall around mine for 2 years. I am just now getting to use it. it is so much fun.


I know it is a steep learning curve, especially if you haven’t had a lot of digital design experience. I use Inkscape. It is free and it does all you need with the fonts. The ease of Premium features is great, but the monthly price is steep.

Perhaps you would be better served to spend a month learning Affinity Design and paying that one time price for that design program. Lots of folks use it and it’s great. Are you using any vector design program now?

Perhaps if you focused on one project and design and got that down well so you understanding settings better.

You could also post pictures of some failed prints along with a description of what you expected to happen, and then ask for help in solving particular problems.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to mover your topic into Everything Else so the conversation can continue since this doesn’t seem to be about an error with the Glowforge.

Lots of people willing to help.


First of all, you’re never too old if you have the desire and the ambition to learn. I was 70 when I bought mine…and I’m 75 now. Still going strong and loving every minute of it. What @geek2nurse said is great advice about starting at the beginning.

Are you using a design app…and which one is it? Or are you strictly buying files from others?

I had to learn everything from the ground up, too. It’s taken me a while, but has been completely worth it. Don’t give up…you can do it! And, don’t forget that there’s a bunch of us here that are willing and able to help you learn. Best of luck


Just going to add my two cents - you are not too old to have fun with your Glowforge, and plenty of us in the forum are as old/older than you are.

I suggest you make some of the things in the Free Laser Designs. Everything is free and already produced on a Glowforge. I encourage you to make some things on ceramic tiles. They are sold for less than 25 cents at Lowes, won’t burn up and produce fun results. Search this forum for ceramic tile settings and inspiration. Work through the tutorials available here as well.

Report back here whenever you need a little more encouragement. Lots of us have been where you are.


You’re never too old. I know we’ve got at least one forum member in his 90s, and several in their 80s. Learning new things is important for your brain health, no matter HOW old you are. :slight_smile:


I use the glowforce as an hobby. Don’t make the mistake that you need Premium to get something easy done. Free fonts are everywhere on the internet specially if you use it for personal use.

Just google free fonts or free picture free cliparts free svg and you will be surprised what you will find. Learning programs will take some time but you never to old to learn!


Never to Old if you still want to learn. Lots of help in the Glowforge Community. Look for you tube video’s on the glowforge. Oh and don’t forget to check out the “FREE Laser Designs” here on Glow Forge


You can use any font you already have on your computer plus there are numerous free fonts available on line if you search for them.


Thanks for the great suggestions and resources, everyone! Since this has to do with your personal account, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to close this topic.