Overheated and small fire. Burnt belt?

I was using a thin veneer, not proofgrade, and it overheated. There was small flame and ashes everywhere. I think something is burnt underneath. Like a belt under. What do I do? I’m going to have a panic attack because I love my machine and have things to get done. Please help!

Okay, first of all…no panic attacks! :slightly_smiling_face:

It can happen, and what you will need to do is check over the machine for damage, and provide pictures of that damage so that support knows what to tell you to do next.

Unplug the machine if you haven’t already done so.

You will want to check a couple of areas for issues. You will check the head, inside, and take pictures if there is any damage or smoke. Clean the lenses and check the mirror. Take pictures of anything you see that is amiss. (Start with the “Things That Need Wiping” section and check it all.) If you need to post any pictures here, just drag them and drop them onto a single line (one picture on each line) in a post…they will upload.

You can then remove the belt underneath the laser arm, and the carriage plate. There are instructions on what to check and how to do it here:

Again, take any pictures of damage and post them here so support sees them.

They might ask for additional pictures if something doesn’t come through, so stand by to hear from them after you have checked things over.


Thank you. I will work on that.

So, I hope I did that right. It doesn’t look good. LOL! What now?

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Examine the bottom of the head and lens, pictures of those would be helpful to support.


That is pretty seriously scorched. I believe you will need a new one of those. Here is hoping the head is still good as I understand it has to go back to the Mothership if that is damaged.


Yeah, like the guys said, they will probably want to replace those. Since they looked a little charred, take some pics of the head, and remove the top and shoot a pic looking down into it. They will want to see those too.

Then you just wait for them to see your post here. Usually within a day or so.

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How long does it usually take if I need them to send the new part?

Okay, that looks pretty good to me, but they’ll want to see it. You’ll want to remove the lens and clean it while you’re waiting. (Use the blue thing.) :smile:

And it will take them some time to arrange for a replacement carriage plate and belt, so don’t expect them to get it to you immediately. But they might be able to set that up without sending in the machine so your luck might be holding. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much! Is that all the pictures you think they will need?

Probably, but if they need anything else they’ll ask for it. Just watch for a post with a yellow background…they’re the “official fixers”. :slightly_smiling_face: