Overheating before even starting

Hello, got a brand new GF about a two months ago and I keep getting this error that says it’s overheated as soon as I hit the button to start it. It will turn orange, tell me it’s overheated and the fan goes off, after about ten seconds then the fan starts again and it continues to stay orange. The back fan and air assist fan are very clean and everything is connected properly. These metal plates by the back fan, (sorry I don’t know what they’re called), are exceptionally hot which is odd because this happens right away before it even starts to move.

If the heat sink (metal plates) is getting hot it sounds like a short. Unplug the machine from the wall and wait to hear from Support. Don’t try to run it until you hear from them.

(And that red cable showing underneath should be slack on the right side of the machine - there’s too much cable showing on the left. Unplug the machine until they can review it.)


Yeah what @jules said

These are pretty clearly heat discolouration so something is up with that red cable.


Thank you! I noticed it didn’t look like my other one which is why I took the picture and I’m glad I did.


Hi @shunamanda - Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Your printer certainly shouldn’t be having these heat issues. I’d like to go ahead and get you a replacement printer to get you back up and running.

I’ll be reaching out to you shortly via email to take care of those details, and I’ll be locking this thread so we can finish up via email. Thanks!

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