Overheating/burning smell

I engraved and cut a few different materials today in the garage while my husband was working on his heat press printing footwear.
I could smell a faint burning smell, typical with heat press + plastic. My husband finished and went in the house but the smell lingered. That’s when I realized it’s coming from the GF. I got caught up assembling a project and hadn’t used it in over an hour and it smells like it’s over heating. GF is turned off now and the smell is dissipating. It’s coming from the front left of the machine and I can feel heat in that area.
This has never happened before. I will of course clean everything tonight (though the machine has been cutting without issue). The smell makes me VERY worried. What could it be? And is there anything else I should do?

Make sure that the right side of the machine is open and not collecting fiber or other dirt as that is where it pulls air into the machine. However, engraving especially puts out a lot of chemicals depending on the materials that build up on the inside and will release chemicals for a long time.
You might want to post photos of inside and under the left side so folk can look.

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Hello, I’d like to gather a bit more information and just sent you an email. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it.

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