Overheating, Printerhead Mirror "Stain"

I have already ordered a new mirror, as I am hoping that’s the fix to this problem. Really wish I could get ahold of someone at glowforge, because I was willing to pay expedited shipping or even overnight shipping for this new part, but, there is not sense in contacting customer support because it takes so long for them to get back to you, the part will likely be here before they respond anyway. And faster shipping wasn’t an option. I do hope that any new purchasers of this product are fully aware that the customer support is definitely not the highlight of this product. Used to be ok when you do the live chat, I really enjoyed that support - but that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore?

I am mainly concerned as to why this happened and whether or not anything else may be wrong? My glowforge overheated, and I let it cool for a day. Once I tried another cut, the machine was just stuck on “focusing” - I cleaned all the other mirrors, but, when I went to take this one out of the printer head it was slightly stuck (almost as if it had been glued). I was able to get it out, but, this is what the mirror looked like. It will not wipe off, so I am assuming it is damage from the overheating? Or was it the cause of the overheating?

Do you think only replacing the mirror piece will be ok? I am hoping I don’t need a whole new printer head. Everything seems to be ok on the printer head - just worried since it was “stuck” a little when I tried to get it out.

Yep, that’s not good. You might want to take some photos of the interior of the head, from the top, so that support can look inside…sounds like the beam got out of alignment and it might have done some damage inside the head…but they might be able to tell from the pictures.

Yeah, as soon as I felt it “stick” I was instantly worried. Felt like something was definitely wrong :frowning: I emailed them just now, so, I am just praying it doesn’t take forever for a response.

I would closely inspect the seat for the mirror to ensure there is no damage there.
Infrared is just a wavelength of light - until it touches something, then it’s heat. It is very important to keep the optics clean because if the energy isn’t transmitted it is deposited. Sure looks like it got really hot.

Was there any visible dirt on the mirror before you tried cleaning it? That would be my first guess. That’s only my guess and not necessarily the only possibility.

There was some dirt, yes. But, not a lot. I do regularly clean with Zeiss. It was quite hot when I shut it down.

I just took a few of those pictures as well, thanks for the input.

The whole head?
As Jules said, I would pull the lens to inspect it, and examine the beam path through the head with good light and magnification to see if you see any other signs of heat damage anywhere.

At least that gives you something to do while you wait on support that might help resolve this. Good Luck!

True! The waiting part can be no fun. Yes, the whole printer head was hot. :frowning: And I was unable to cancel the print right away on the computer - it was almost as if the whole system froze. I had to do a manual shut down from the back.

Cracking the lid for a second should cancel the operation.

That’s good to know! There does seem to be a little “foggy” layer in one of the windows on the side of the lens, but, the rest of it looks ok to me… but, I am not quite certain what I am looking for either I suppose. But, I took a ton of pictures for support.

It sounds like you’re not aware that posting in Problems and Support opens another support ticket. If you’ve already emailed them and just want community support, it’s best to post in Everything Else instead, since duplicate tickets slow things down. :slight_smile:

No! I didn’t know that. I have never done this before. Thanks for the information.


Doesn’t look like I can close it now? Is there a way to close the thread?

It’s already triggered the ticket, so it doesn’t really matter now. I just thought you’d like to know for next time. :slight_smile:

Chat is open when they have staff on - since you originally posted this on a Saturday (or late at night on a Friday) there would be no chat available. M-F it is available, but not all the time, you just have to check.

Seems I have never been on when chat is on then. I work full time and only get to do my glowforge work in the evenings and weekends. I check every time for chat. And haven’t been able to access since the fall. :frowning:

I see we’ve been working on this through email and I just replied there. I’m going to close this thread.

Once the new mirror arrives, please try a test print after installing the replacement part. If you run into any trouble, you can start a new thread or reach out at support@glowforge.com. We’re happy to help!

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